Inserting Album Art Into Podcast

I have been using GarageBand 6 because it was the last version that supported podcasting. However, eventually it will be abandoned and not supported. I want to move on to the latest version of the software, but don’t want to lose the podcast features of v6.

Is there a program that can add the chapter and album art metadata to an audio file after GarageBand exports it? That might be the simplest solution. Thanks!

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Forecast on macOS and Ferrite on iOS are my preferred options for this.

I second both @ChrisUpchurch and @RosemaryOrchard

Thanks to both of you. I downloaded and tested it. I looked at the track in QuickTime without artwork and then I edited it with Forecast to add it. When I launched it in QuickTime after adding the artwork in Forecast, it did not show the artwork as it does when it comes out of GarageBand. Could it be the format? I export from GarageBand in m4a, but I can’t seem to do that out of Forecast. Do I need the m4a format for the artwork to show in Quicktime?

Still need help figuring out why the album art isn’t showing up when I play the episode in QuickTime. It does when I insert the art using GarageBand 6, but not when I insert it using Forecast. I tried converting the mp3 to m4a format, but no go.Any thoughts on why? Could I have done it wrong in Forecast? Help!

Thinking I might want to move away from Garageband for my podcast into some sort of all-in-one solution. I am looking for something that can use templates (so I can create one for my podcast to save time) and add the album art as well. Basically another program that does what Garageband 6 does. Thoughts on Logic Pro or Adobe Audition? Something else? I need to transition this before I upgrade to Catalina. Thanks!

I know people who use all those apps, in addition to apps like Hindenberg, which starts at $95

Thanks! Do Logic Pro, Audition and Hindenberg do templates and album art? Those are the key features I am looking for. I could certainly look up the products to find out, but I would like to know from users of those products which one does it best and is the best bang for the buck.

From what I understand, recording, editing, mixing, chattering, tagging and exporting audio files is enough work for audio software so a separate artwork-related workflow is probably better even if you found some integrated option.l - and I don’t personally know of any. (Websites like 99designs and fiverr can get you cheap intl designers bidding on your requests with low-res samples to choose from then pay for final files). On the Mac if you had the talent you could easily make artwork with Pixelmator or even GIMP.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I can make the artwork. I just want to be able to add it to the mp3 (or m4a) file (within the audio software) before uploading it to Libsyn.