InsomniaX substitute

Hello everybody.

I use an old MacBook Air as a home server and have to use InsomniaX to keep the MacBook awake when in clamshell.
InsomniaX is a free software but has been abandoned and is not compatible with High Sierra (I have to use Sierra and cannot update).
Is there an alternative app for this, preferably a paid app so there are more guarantees it will not be abandoned?
I appreciate your suggestions.

Check out the list on There are a few choices on there that seem to match up.

I run my Mac open so I’ve no personal experience on what might be the ‘best’ of the listed alternatives. Probably best if you scan through what they do and decide for yourself.

Hope that helps.

I personally use Amphetamine, it’s free in the App Store.


I use Amphetamine as well - all the functions I need.


+1 for Amphetamine. Works great.

Another vote for Amphetamine. I use it all the time and like how configurable it is. As, @RosemaryOrchard mentioned, it’s free on the App Store.

@Leimam (OP) mentioned this was to be used in clamshell (closed-display) mode, so it is important to point out this page on Amphetamine’s support site:

Mac laptop sleeps / WiFi turns off when lid is closed

They link to an Apple Support article about requirements (e.g. AC power) that you must meet in order to use this mode.

There are a couple of hardware options that might work:

  • Oscillating fan tied to a mouse (half joking)
  • Use an Arduino and the mouse library to simulate random mouse movements, and/or keystrokes

Thanks I think this helps. If Apple releases a new Mac mini I’m going to upgrade the machine and this problem will be no more.

Amphetamine user here too :grinning: