Install Catalina on New HD

I have a 250GB SSD and it about to die according to DriveDX and it is nearly 5 years old, its running Catalina. So I grabbed a new 500GB SSD.

What is the best plan of attack to move to the new drive?

  • I do have a Time machine backup I could copy from.
  • I also could copy the current drive using SuperDuper to make a bootable drive.
  • Or do I start from scratch?

It’s been years since I swapped out a drive for a new one, so I am just trying to get the process clear in my mind so i don’t invest too much time and frustration.



If it’s running Catalina, I’d go for a clean install and move only necessary data over.
There’s been plenty of issues with APFS and clones / moving to new drives so I’d be careful.
Clone the drive before it gets worst so you have a good backup and a drive to copy from :slight_smile:

Also: a clean install also gives you the chance to just install stuff you need, and get rid of bloat

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