Install my 512 GB worth of backup on a new 128 GB Mini

Hi all, I’m looking to see if you can help out? I have a carbon copy cloner back up of my MacBook Pro… I’d like to transfer all that stuff to my 128 GB Mac mini but mostly use it externally… Is there a way to do that? Meaning can I import some stuff to the mini and leave some stuff on the external drive. The external will always be connected and I want to use that for most of the data its 2 terabyte external

thank you!

I haven’t done this, but sounds like it might help you.

Thanks. This looks helpful.

If the source drive is going to always be there anyway, why not just copy stuff over when you need it?

That’s probably the best idea… what I was thinking was I would need all the Library Files and Home Folder stuff… Since my CCC is a Bootable Back Up I wanted to use that.