Installing Fitness on iPad

So installed 14.3 on my iPad Pro and you need to install Fitness app to be able to use Fitness+. Except I can’t.

Compatibility says ‘Works on this iPad’ however at the top of the page it says ‘This app requires specific features not available this device’

Anyone got any ideas or had success installing it?

Just about to post the exact same question. I’m seeing the same thing. Thought it was me and I was overlooking the obvious!! — jay

Looks like it’s not us

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Seems like it’s a rough roll-out. I can’t figure out how to run Fitness+ on my Mac at all. Even on an iPhone 11, I’m seeing “Unable to access Apple Fitness+ content at this time.” I’m so sad.

It’s working on ATV and Phone ok, not sure if it’s meant to be in MacOS or not?

I was able to get it running on my iPhone by quitting the Fitness app and then restarting. Then, I realized that I have to update my watch, too.

In the end, I had to restart both phone and watch, but after that, Apple Fitness+ did start working. Fun!

Tried it again this morning and now downloading on the iPad.