Installing HomeBrew on M1?

Has anyone either successfully installed HomeBrew on an M1 Mac and/or run across an accurate tutorial for doing this?

From the HB website, it looks like M1 support is still incomplete, and they appear to recommend installing the Intel version and running on Rosetta. That is fine with me (my biggest need actually is to use HB to install pip to install some python packages right now), but it would be ideal to have an accurate tutorial to ensure that I do the install correctly and don’t muck things up for any future conversion to an M1 version.


I have installed HomeBrew right as I switched on my M1-powered MacBook Air a month or so ago, and followed the standard procedures.

Some paths have changed, and I needed to adapt the bash profile, but otherwise no big difference from having it on my old MacBook Pro running Catalina.

I would just go ahead and do it with the defaults, worked fine for me.

Bye, Luca

Like @lucaberta, I did t have any trouble.
There was a package I couldn’t install through pip, and seems like I had to use miniconda, install from source, etc. I think it had to do with neuroimaging, so maybe not a concern.

That’s actually no longer recommended.

If you run the regular installer for brew on an M1-based Mac, it will install to /opt/homebrew/ instead of /usr/local/. Other than that, it works pretty much the same for me. Haven’t run into any issues.

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Thank you all! I appreciate the help!