Installing OS X from DVD today

I’m preparing a mid-2010 iMac to sell on eBay. After wiping the drive, I had some issues with installing MacOS over the internet, so I found the old DVD Snow Leopard install disk. It has been a long time since I heard the sounds of an optical drive, and it is especially crazy sitting next to my silent Apple Silicon MacBook Air!



It’s not unusual for some of us to still hear it!

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I imaged the disks on a drive with a FireWire 800 connection so I can booth from that to reset a password or a nuke & pave of an old Mac.

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In August 2019 I found out Snow Leopard was still for sale, from Apple. And I bought it.

And installed it on my 2008 Black MacBook

Very trippy.

Seeing the intro animation/video was a real throwback!