Installing third party lockscreen widgets

Hi all. I have installed iOS 16 on an iPhone 12 and updated all my apps including ones with lockscreen widgets but when I try to add widgets I only get the standard Apple ones as options. Am I missing a step? :thinking:

Probably not. I had the same issue. The only way I found to make third-party apps appear was to uninstall the app and re-install it. Then it was on the list.

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I have the same issue, hoping that a fix will be pushed through. It’s less than ideal to uninstall are reinstall apps.


That did the trick. Thanks !

A complete uninstall isn’t necessary. It should be sufficient to offload the app in question via the settings app (under iPhone storage) and re-download it. This method keeps all the data and settings.


Opening the updated app made it appeared on my widget list on the homescreen.


According to a user on another forum, if you can’t get widgets to load for a particular app, it probably means you updated that app to the latest version before updating your device to iOS 16. If you’re in that situation, you should be able to see widgets if you offload (or uninstall) and reinstall your app.

I had this issue, I found that it appeared by doing one of the following (not sure which, try both):

  1. Open the app after updating it and then check
  2. Restart your phone

One of these things made the widgets appear as options!

Edit: just replicated with Fantastical and opening the app after updating is enough for the app to appear in the widgets for me.

Sorry for opening another thread on this issue. I experience the same: Just a few 3rd party widgets show up - bug? - #2 by rob.

Opening the app and/or rebooting solves it for SOME apps, yet not for others. :unamused:

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rebooting the phone can also trigger some to show up.

Another way of fixing it

Has anyone gotten the Fantastical widgets to work? I’m able to add them to my lock screen, but they’re blank.

Does anyone know, if there is a reliable complete list of the apps that offer Lock Screen Widgets?

They worked for me without any special configuration. The calendar set mirrors what’s active in the app.

The “Next up” Fantastical lock screen widget works perfectly on the screen of my iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 16 (of course).


There is a Macworld article here but, of course, things change quickly and new apps will keep coming out. I’m not aware of any current constantly updated list.


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