Instapaper Service Menu

I recently decided to switch from Pocket to Instapaper - mainly because of Reeder’s ability to store Instapaper articles.

The thing I miss about Pocket is the share extension in Mac OS that allows me to right click on an article and share to Pocket.

Is there a way to accomplish this using Instapaper - like a service menu item?

Thanks much.

I’m not aware of a way to send to Instapaper via right click (in Reeder v3). I’ve always preferred keyboard shortcuts and set up Reeder to allow me to run through 200-300 stories in a relatively short period of time.

J moves down 1 story, K moves up, B opens the story in Safari (in the background), command+R adds the story to the Safari Reading List, and command+I saves the story to Instapaper.

When I’m done sorting, the articles I want to read immediately are open in Safari, those I want to read next are in the Reading List, long reads, research, etc. are in Instapaper.

Instapaper offers a Safari Extension but I prefer using the Instapaper bookmarklet to save articles since it works the same in Safari, Chrome, Brave, etc. There is also an Instapaper Text bookmarklet that provides a “Reader” mode in most browsers:

You do know that Pocket has a free Mac app that stores articles, yes?

Also, ReadKit ($9.99 in Mac App Store) is a good RSS reader that also doubles as a reader/storage for both InstaPaper and Pocket.

Yeah. I just liked the idea of using one app for RSS and Read Later. But I might need to go back to Pocket, due to the lack of sharing options in Mac OS for Instapaper.