Integromat as Hazel Alternative

I recently discovered Integromat and I am finding it more fun than Zapier.

Here is a workflow that I used to:

  1. Get PDF files with the Action folder.

2 For names containing Smith, John - Attendance Signature - 03-Jun-2020.pdf, capture the name.

  1. Move the file(s) to folder /Smith, John/Smith, John - Attendance Signature - 03-Jun-2020.pdf

Step 1

Step 2
Step 3

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So it’s only a partial Hazel alternative? (Dropbox only)
For this use-case I think it looks great.

I prefer to have file manipulation done on the machine where I control who has access and what’s done. I’ve never been that fond of services like this (IFTTT, Zapier etc) that have access to my dropbox and other environments. That somehow does not work for me.

I agree with your point. However, for people who have iPads as their primary machines, this is one of the best options. I also ordered the 12 inch iPad to see I can turn into my full-time computer.

I tested this as well for Google Drive but wasn’t too impressed. The setup was oddly time-consuming so I switched back to syncing everything on my Mac and using Hazel rules.

Essentially, I use keywords like "folder - " as triggers to automatically move files to specific folders or areas of Google Drive (following the PARA Method).

Like you, I love the idea of working from my iPad Pro. One alternative solution being considered is purchasing a Mac Mini and having everything synced or automated on that, almost like my automated server.

There are no Hazel alternatives.