Interesting Talk with Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave Software

Kevin Rose talks with Brendan Eich who created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla and Firefox.

I just listen to this episode and thought others might find it interesting.


Didn’t he also make some homophobic remarks at some point? Not to mention COVID-19?

The involvement of their own cryptocurrency just makes the water even murkier. It’s such a shady business that is full of risk. They replace advertisements from other service providers with their own advertisements that tie in with the whole crypto scheme. They use marketing buzz words to argue that their own advertisements respect your privacy, but I am highly doubtful of that when you factor in how they financially gain from said advertisements, probably by a significant margin. In times of controversy, their CEO has done a pretty awful job of calming the crowd…

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It would be nice if Brave could do whole page screen shots like Safari.

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Thanks; good discussion. A little high level in parts, but their ability to run through all the parts that make up a complete privacy solution, and to speak candidly about the tradeoffs, is reassuring similarly to Keybase’s public communications several years ago. Private search indexes or partial/differential indexes is a promising area I expect to flourish as computing cost falls, eventually coming to even Google by 2030 or so, and of course to Brave’s search product well before that.

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