Internet Tab Workflow?

I’m struggling with having tons of tabs open in both Chrome and Safari. Often I find myself researching stuff or finding interesting things online. Then I’d like to have it organized. Would it be recommended to just export/clip to DevonThink Pro? Curious what other people do as I’m sure I’m not alone.

Check this one out:

Hmm I use Pocket is there a pocket option?

Sometimes I have tabs open of stuff I need to respond to.

macOS I assume (because you mention DEVONthink Pro)?

Safari > Bookmarks > Add Bookmarks for These [xx] Tabs will prompt you for a destination and in that destination create what is essentially a bookmark that opens all the saved tabs at once, when clicked.


Yes but then I just pick a destination folder for the bookmarks within Safari. I’m trying instead to add various pages/bookmarks to DevonThink Pro to further organize.

Oh, new requirement. So, after you’ve saved or created all the folders you want in Safari, just open Safari > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks. From that view you can drag one or more bookmark sets (folders) into a DEVONthink database and they will all be imported as .weblocs.

Unfortunately, the DEVONthink clipper doesn’t handle bookmark folders.

It should not be that hard to change the applescript to send to pocket instead of something else.

I set up an Inbox folder in Safari and all new save of URLs go there. Once a month I sort it out and move groups of relevant URLS into a single rich text note in DEVONThink so I can find them again easily if I need to.

If the information is really critical, I save, print or clip the webpage in some format that works based on the data on it and add that to DDT as well.

Lots of useful, fun and interesting stuff vanished from the web over the years so I like saving things I really think I might want to refer to later.

I would like to make the system less manual and more automated but even DT’s AI isn’t good enough for figuring out where to add a URL and I can’t edit/add to a note full of links easily.

I’m doing something similar where I try every day or two days to go through the tabs I have open and close ones I don’t need and save to PDF ones I do need and clip to DEVONThink. This might change a bit but that’s working fine for now. I also have a backlog of links to look at in OmniFocus that I’m working my way through gradually. I agree with ensuring stuff can be kept for future use. I’m not counting on certain websites to be around forever so I better archive stuff where I see fit.

This popped up on MacStories today:

I rushed out to buy it but sadly it won’t run on High Sierra :sigh: