iOS 11 & 12.9“ iPad Pro 2017 having touch screen trouble?

Hey everyone,

Ever since I upgraded my iPad Pro 12.9“ from 2017 to iOS 11, I have the problem that occasionally the screen simply stops recognizing any input. A few moments later, it works again.

I don‘t know what causes it any why it stops again, but it must be related to software and iOS11, because:

  • it only started with iOS 11
  • Apple Support performed a hardware remote diagnosis and said the iPad is fine

Has anyone else had this behaviour, and how could I stop it?

Thanks a ton!

Yes! It comes and goes. It might happen several times a day and then stop for days or even weeks. I’ve not been able to detect a pattern or cause.

I found this thread here:

And I tried a fix by doing the following:

  • Turn Bluetooth completely off (in Bluetooth settings)
  • remove the Apple Pencil from the list of devices

On the next day, the iPad was responding FLAWLESSLY to anything I did with it.

After some time I re-connected the Apple Pencil and there has not been an issue since.

Maybe it is something connected to palm-rejection and the Apple Pencil?

Good luck trying it out!

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Okay, so here is the latest update:

The issue kept returning again and again, no matter what I did. So I requested a hardware check with Apple. I sent it in, they checked it and sent it back saying there is no hardware fault.

So… I guess there is some software issue that rarely happens with some models/users/use cases. And I have not found out what it is - yet.

I will keep everyone updated.

Well, did they restore the device in iTunes?

I tried that as well. It doesn‘t matter if you restore the iPad on its own or with iTunes (re-downloading the iOS image etc.) the issue keeps returning, on iOS 12 as well.

There are basically two options: It is a software issue that is so far undocumented, or an undiscovered hardware issue.

My guess is on software. It often happens when the iPad is doing a lot of stuff in the background, and it feels like a system freeze due to overload, although there is not always something happening in the background.

I will keep watching this…

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Been an on again, off again issue for me as well. Happened for a couple days recently but then will disappear for weeks. In fact it disappears long enough for me to forget about it and then reappears as if to just say, miss me? I’m still here!