iOS 12 Beta - Version #

I am on iOS 12 public beta but not sure my device is properly updating to the latest version. I know version 2 was released - can someone tell me the version number? I’m running “Version iOS 12 (16A5318d)). Is this the latest?

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Ok this is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll connect to this forum for future reference as well. Thank you!!

This IPSW History page might also be useful.

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I know this original post was some time ago, but I may be having the same issue? My phone reads that I’m still on public beta 12.0 and is “up to date.” Should I uninstall the beta and re-install? Or is there some other way to trigger an update?


Same here @matthewtvincent my iPhone says update available but Software Update says I’m running the latest. I’m wondering if restoring is the way to go or if there’s an easier way to solve this.

Found some information thanks to @rob who pointed me to,3

Looks like 16A5365b is the latest so I guess the Alert about an update available is a bug.

The current alerts are due to a bug:

Super interesting. Thanks, @Mau! Which version does your phone say you’re on? After posting, and before your response, I went back to to just reenroll my phone (I didn’t delete the old profile). My phone needed to restart and I was instructed to download 12.9. So I did. A couple apps had immediate updates, too (maybe coincidence). But my phone still reads that it’s on iOS 12.0. So odd!

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Just updated to iOS 12 gold master public beta version - but can’t seem to find shortcuts app. Did I miss it somewhere?