iOS 12 Bluetooth in car is flaky

Ever since I upgraded to iOS 12, the reliability of the bluetooth connection in my car has plummeted. The iPhone (6S) connects but often there is no audio. I often listen to podcasts on Overcast during long drives so getting this to work again would improve my quality of life by at least a wee tiny bit.

Sometimes it connects fine and plays normally for hours. Other times it connects but there is no audio. I can see the Overcast info on the car’s screen, and I can see the progress ticking along, but there is no sound. Other times it connects and works for a while, but after a few minutes or so, the audio is dropped.

This never happened, not even once, before upgrading to iOS 12.

Has anyone heard of this issue? Any solutions?

Suggestion, delete your phone from the car Bluetooth and re-pair your phone with your car. I had to do that recently with my families Suburu.

Unpairing and re-pairing solved it for me.


Thaks for the suggestons, @Jonathan_Davis and @ismh – I’ll give it a try later today.

5-hour drive tomorrow. I hope this works!

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This came out this week. Timeless.


iOS 12.0.1, out today, includes Bluetooth fixes.


Thanks. I just re-paired the phone two times, and it isn’t fixed. I’ll see if the update makes it all copacetic again.

I’m installing the update, but the release notes say it fixes an issue where the bluetooth could become unavailable. But that is not my problem – I get the phone to pair, and I can see the Overcast controls displayed on the car’s media screen, and I can see the timer on the podcast progressing, but there is just no sound.

I’ll let you know what the update does when I have a chance to test it again.

Yeah, but Apple’s release notes aren’t always all that’s going on in an update. I hope it works out!


But no go. No audio with Bluetooth. I don’t even get a few moments. Just nothing.

Problem solved – maybe. I checked the Apple Watch while I was fiddling about and saw that the sound was muted on it. I tapped the sound icon and boosted the audio and voilà! Sound. For some reason the watch was overriding the phone until I did that.

So maybe the update fixed the original problem, which cannot be explained by the watch, since I sometimes had sound for a while and then it would just stop abruptly. Time will tell. But I drove home from work today listening to podcasts. Sure wish I had them for the long drive yesterday.

I updated watchOS and iOS about the same time, so maybe some interaction between the two caused the entire loss of sound for a while.

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