iOS 12 features you want to see on macOS

It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, and I am already yearning to see the Shortcuts app and Screen Time on macOS.

I spend enough of my time on Macs that Screen Time is only going to cover a portion of my day. Yes, I could use something like Timing (and if I find Screen Time valuable enough I may end up doing that) but it would be so nice and Apple-like to have this all in one place.

There are plenty of ways to automate the Mac, but Shortcuts is simpler and more accessible than most Mac automation options (I’d probably put it about the same level as Hazel; more complex than Text Expander, but simpler than Keyboard Maestro, Automator, and AppleScript). The true dream would be cross-platform compatibility so you can create a workflow on one platform and run it on another. That’s probably a long way off, but if Marzipan comes to pass I could see it happening eventually.

So what iOS 12 features does everyone want to see show up on macOS?

I’d like to see system-wide text auto-completion suggestions on macOS, as well as full-featured share-sheet options everywhere, especially in Photos and Lightroom for roundtrips to editing apps that don’t already have hooks to the app. (I use this 99¢ hack to open images from in other apps, but adjusted resulting shots won’t automatically be saved back into Photos.)

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macOS already has “Shortcuts” but it is called “Automator” and IMHO was abandoned and still needs a lot of work to be useful. Screen Time would be useful, but so far it doesn’t seem to be accurate on my iPhone. How would it handle multiple open apps on the Mac?

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Probably based on which window has focus.

I would like to edit Siri Shortcuts on my Mac and use them on iOS. For whatever reason, it just takes me forever to make them using only touch.