iOS 12 iPad gestures

After playing around with them for a bit today, I think I like the new iPad gestures to bring up the dock, launch the app switcher, and switch between apps. I’m not finding it too hard to differentiate between the three different swipe up gestures to get to the dock, app switcher, and homescreen (according to Federico’s review this is something that Apple improved a lot over the course of the betas).

Ironically, even though the main point of the new gestures seems to be to add the “swipe up for the home screen” gesture for a notional home-buttonless iPad, that’s probably the one I’ll use the least. The five finger pinch to get to the home screen is just so ingrained that I doubt I’ll switch to the new gesture (I’m really glad they kept the 5 finger pinch).

My one gripe is I really wish they had kept control center in the app switcher, even if this was in addition to being able to bring it down from the upper left.

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The one I need to really get used to is to (VERY) slowly swipe up to bring the dock up and add a 2nd app for split screen. Most often then not, even though I do it gently, it just brings the dock up but closes the app I have opened.

@AFC, I don’t find that I need to be gentle at all when bringing up the dock. For me, at least, the keys seem to be that bringing up the dock is a very short swipe up (no more than the height of the dock itself) and that I need to bring my finger to a stop before picking it up off the glass. It’s the bringing the finger to a stop that distinguishes the dock swipe from the home screen swipe.


This is exactly right. This is what I need to learn.

I was used to swipe up. Now I need to swipe up - stop - move my finger off the glass