iOS 12 Public Beta 2 - springboard randomly rebooting?

I start with, yes, I know this is a beta, and with that there could/will be issues and shame on me for trying it out. Just curious if anyone else’s iPhone (mine is the iPhone X) is randomly restarting the springboard. It started with me after updating to the Public Beta 2 and happens within an app or when switching apps (and not just within certain apps…it’s happened to me even when working in the Settings app). I’ve shut down/restarted the phone but haven’t done much else to troubleshoot.

Both my iPhone and iPad are restarting randomly but I noticed that it’s more frequent when opening the camera / photo app.

I heard on the Mac Geek Gab that this is an issue for both iOS 11.4 and the 12 Beta. Probably a glitch that will be corrected very quickly.

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Yes, I am hoping for a new beta sooner rather than later. I am seriously looking at downgrading to iOS 11 at this point. It happens almost every time I switch apps now :frowning:

I had lots of issues with this kind of shutdown/restart on my iPhone 8 Plus on Public Beta 1, but it was reduced a lot with Public Beta 2. I still had it happen 3 times already today on the phone, but at least it’s not like the times I had it happen 6 times before 9 AM.

I found a post on the iMore forums where it was suggested that having Do Not Distrub was a possible cause. I disabled DND last night and have noticed my iPhone springboard restarting considerably less, but it still occurs once in awhile.

iMore forum article