iOS 13.2 Shortcuts "make pdf" issue

Made a quick search and didn’t find anything on the forum.

Yesterday evening I was trying to make a really simple “webpage to pdf” shortcut:


80% of times the output is a blank pdf file, but the thing that drives me crazy is that randomly it works as intended.

Does anyone had the same issue? Is it a known bug?

I’m on 13.2 (not beta).

Thanks for any answer on this :smiley:

oooooh didn’t know this one, thanks :astonished:

I’ll play with that :smiley:

I plan to expand the shortcut to include some renaming (I’m thinking to create an Hazel rule Mac side to move the screens to a Devonthink indexed folder), a Pinboard save for the url and to work (maybe) with a link without the need to open the page, but this may do in the meanwhile.

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I think I adapted this one from a shortcut shared by Federico Viticci on macstories.
It works for me most of the time.

but I could not find it just now in the shortcuts archive:

I remember something similar but couldn’t find anything too…

Yup, nice idea :smile: