iOS 13? Probably not 13

This is very speculative on my part.
I wonder if there will be an iOS 13, or if the naming system will change, or skip 13? Based on the number of superstitious people in the world (so many so that hotels don’t have thirteenth floors) I think the name will not be 13.

ref Triskaidekaphobia

there was a MacOS 10.13, why not an iOS 13?


See above :slight_smile:

I think it’ll be 13. They have already shown they will use the number.

Rosetta? So the ipad is not a replacement, but actually a mac.

Apple has never genuflected toward irrational fears.

People were claiming Apple wouldn’t have an iPhone 4 because in some parts of Asia (mainland China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) the word for ‘four’ is a homophone for ‘death’ - so products often don’t use that number because it’s considered bad luck. In some Hong Kong residential buildings all floor numbers with “four” are left out.

Apple ignored it. Didn’t hurt sales.

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If Apple times it right, they could release iOS 13 on Friday the 13th. 2019 has precisely two Friday the 13ths. One of them is in September, conveniently near the normal new iPhone release date.

… when the clock strikes thirteen.



So, iOS 13 in the next few hours. I’m excited.

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Oddly, I’m probably more excited for Federico’s review than I am for iOS 13.0. The features that I’m most excited about won’t ship until 13.1/iPadOS.


Ah, I don’t have a iPad Pro, so I can imagine iPad owners being more pumped up. There’s tons of new things for iPad.

MacSparky just released his iOS Shortcuts Field Guide. I’m not sure how I’d benefit from automation (on an iPhone). Any must have Use case?

My only one is fairly simple, but I use it several times a week, and it saves a lot of poking at the screen. Home Soon: text eta to my girlfriend, open Apple maps to navigate to my home address.
“Hey Siri, home soon” and the magic happens.

We don’t use Apple maps over here but Waze is really popular. I wonder if that will work. It will be a time saver for sure.

I used my “Hey Siri, Take me Home” recently (Apple Maps). If I had follow her directions, well, I would have been at SOMEBODIES HOUSE, but not mine. :flushed::flushed::flushed::see_no_evil::thinking::upside_down_face:

I gotta figure out how to get Siri to open my NAVIGON app. That thing NEVER LETS ME DOWN!

hmmm, 12.24AM Eastern and no iOS 13 yet… do they follow Pacific timezone ?

Apple‘s OS releases usually go live at about 10 am PST.

So, in about 12 hours.

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I think I’m waiting for 13.1.1 this time.

And no Catalina until maybe next year - too many audio/music apps aren’t ready for it.