iOS 13 Prompting for AppleID

Just upgraded wife’s phone to iOS 13.

Why is it asking for my Apple Store Apple ID? See #1 below.


  • Years ago, we created used my AppleID for the iTunes Store. This is long before family sharing, etc.
  • My wife and I used my AppleID to share purchases, etc. This is prior to today’s functionality of an AppleID
  • Now
  1. AppleID (store) is how I continue to buy songs, movies, apps, etc. It’s the one I use to login to the Apple App Store (for both iOS and Mac)

  2. AppleID (mine) is my login for Contacts, Calendars, etc

  3. AppleID (wife) is her login for Contacts, Calendars, etc, including App Store on her device

  4. We’re using Family Sharing with me as the owner

I’m having the same issue. FaceID is turned on but I keep getting the sign in prompt. I’m guessing this is one of the bugs to be squashed.