iOS 13 Reminders app for non-hardcore GTD users

I haven’t downloaded iOS 13 yet, but the previews, reviews, and videos of the new Reminders app intrigue. I am a “light” GTD user - not as busy as our MPU hosts but busy enough such that a simple todo list is not enough.

From what I’ve seen, there’s a chance of me switching from Things to the Reminders app. The basic functionality is there, with some surprises such as subtasks and location-based triggers (not in Things!).

I wanted to have a thread to discuss the merits of the new Reminders app vs. current task managers - assuming you’re not a OmniFocus guru like David :slight_smile:

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I’ve not found a way to get the badge count be the number of items due today. Additionally, I’ve not found a way to add due dates to subtasks - so that can’t replace Things projects.

Could be wrong about the two above item. I will use Reminder’s location-based triggers for items I may have saved as “This Evening” in Things Ii.e. important home errands). This app is getting very close to being a general GTD app!

Reminders are getting good, but if you want a nice, easy to use, but stil capable GTD app, I would try Good Task ( It’s also part of Setapp.

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Looking forward to the Reminders update also. I’ve been using Reminders pretty consistently along w/my analog bullet journal. I haven’t found the need to step up to a Things/more powerful task manager yet.