iOS 13 Reminders app question

For those on the beta, on the new Reminders app does it have categories now?

Let’s say I have a Personal category and I want to have a home list and bills list in that category, is that possible?

Also, does Reminders now support projects. A task with subtasks attached to it that are hidden until you select that project?


I’ve had a play with iOS 13 and wrote something up.


Seems like a huge improvement, but I’ve become too comfortable with views beyond Today and Scheduled. Todoist and TickTick have Today and Next Week, which eliminates clutter from long-term scheduled items (of which I have many). Still, for most people (who don’t or won’t use a 3rd party app with their phone) it seems like it could be very nice.


Thank you for the write up and responding to yet another iOS 13 question :sweat_smile: I’m bookmarking your site to read some more later. Like you, it looks as though I can implement Reminders rather than still using 2Do. While I love 2Do, I have always been looking forward to the opportunity to use more 1st party apps! Thanks again!

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Thanks glad you enjoyed it.

Update: Once I updated my iPhone to iOS 13 (I know dangerous water here) my Reminders app “upgraded” and I am able to have groups with multiple lists under one heading! This is exciting!