iOS 13 sharesheet. Feature or failure?

The new share sheet is absolutely nuts. And will take a LOT of time to get used to.
WAY to complicated and difficult to manage

I’ve never seen such a complicated list (literally) of weird items that I should somehow be able to control, but have no idea how to. Given that iOS is built to be intuitive, well : Apple clearly dropped the ball here…

Just too involved to be useful.
I hope they fix shortcuts in the beta soon (does not work for me) or else I will have to look for alternatives to my iPad, as the sharesheet clearly is not a replacement option. (I’d like to be able to skip the sharesheet completely and use shortcuts, but unfortunately they are now in the f’ed up list as well…)


Agreed. It’s the bottom section that is the problem I think. The crazy long list with no color differentiation and all the shortcuts mixed in. Yikes.

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I actually kinda like it. Only thing could be to move the “Manage” option to the top🤔

I would like it if I did not have 97 shortcuts for the sharesheet. This is not workable

Agreed. Half the time I don’t even see my shortcuts in the list.

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I like the top row. If I select some text and tap share, for example, that row has Airdrop to my MBP and then text message options to the contacts I’ve been most recently texting with. I find two other areas problematic, though: as mentioned, the list of apps and shortcuts combined is just not intuitive in any way. Also, the “management” of the apps appearing in the second row (after tapping “more”) doesn’t seem very helpful (for example, the Suggestions are in no particular order, making it hard to find what I’m looking for) and, at least for me, only the icons appear (no app names) under Suggestions - fine for a lot of apps, but not for the lesser-used ones.

It is IMHO an absolute disaster. In a perfect world with only perfectly functioning shortcuts of the quantity of about a dozen and it might work. Throw in my numerous personal shortcuts in various states of development and all the sudden you have a huge mess of a list. Too boot, it seems like parts of the list alphabetize, but then it just goes awry again - seems to be no rhyme or reason. I think this new share sheet is possibly one of the worst UIX decisions I have seen from Apple, and I am usually pretty lenient on criticism for them, but this is a total mess!

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Actually I find it to be an absolute improvement - you are aware that you can place your most used shortcuts, share apps, etc. at the top, and rearrange according to preference, right!?!

I think the problem stems from the shortcuts being tossed in to the mix. We have always needed better shortcut management. In a perfect world my shortcuts list would be 10-12 most used, but instead it’s 100 all in a state of development, or possibly just a snippet I was playing with.

I’m totally lost in my shortcuts now. I’ve got more that 90 sharesheet ones, and there’s no identifying option whatsoever. Just plain text.

Definitely not an improvement.

I’ve just been trying to set up my share sheets on iOS and iPadOS in a meaningful way, but boy that’s a hot mess.

First of all, I have to do it for EACH app, which I guess makes sense, but still takes a lot of time.

Another very annoying and cluttering thing about share sheets is that sharing to specific apps and actions still show up as suggestions in the share sheet (sometimes). Not all of them do, but some do and I can’t make them go away.

This is true of sharing to other apps and it’s true of actions, also those based on Siri Shortcuts.

There are some shortcuts I have where it makes no sense that I perform an action on them from Safari, but I can’t make them go away. They still show up as a suggestion. That’s ridiculous