Ios 13 Spell Check/Auto Correct RANT

okay i just lost it!! its been soooo bad its one thing to struggle if I’m typing slang/names/brands but today I had a text message miscommunication with a friend all because spell checked turned balcony into balance – im like ooh wee I’m not used to having QA my messages

Gruber had a article on this last month

Anyone else annoyed or noticed a serious degradation in auto correction?

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Ducking autocorrect.


It does seem to be aggressive. The weirdest phenomenon for me is phrase changes. It’ll correct a preceding word that was what I wanted based on the next word I write. Having to backspace a couple of times to fix the word I just typed is one thing, but moving the cursor around to fix changes is even worse.

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I gave up on autocorrect years ago - it’s just not acceptable for my device to change what I typed, usually creating rather than fixing an error. I do use predictive text, which allows me to speed up typing as it guesses what I am about to type.

One worrying thing about predictive text. If you type “zombie” it will immediately suggest “apocalypse.” Exactly how accurate are these predictions?

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I think you’re right. Shutting mine off now. (Now that I think about it, it used to be disabled for me, too. I wonder what possessed me to leave it on.)

There’s some kinda game you can play with predictive text where you let the device spell sentences for you. It was supposed to tell you something about yourself… I can’t recall the details though!

I type in Spanish and English (US) with their respective keyboards and often the Spanish keyboard has the English autocorrect (awful) or none at all. Seems very buggy.

I used to use this feature for Duolingo. As long as you have the keyboard language available in your iPhone, it would suggest autocomplete words in the target language. Is this cheating? Sometimes I can’t remember the correct spelling in the foreign language but I can pick it from close alternatives. At this point, I’m not having to type much into Duolingo so can’t tell. It depends on the system knowing which language you are trying to type, so you have to select the keyboard from the globe icon.

Well, here’s some follow-up: even with autocorrect and predictive text off, it still corrects preceding words.

E.g, I was typing “…see the dog do…” just now, and after writing “do”, it switched dog to “did”, as in “…see the did do…”.


Weird behaviour! If anyone figures out what causes this, post on here, please and thanks!