iOS 14.4's Handoff to Homepod is frustrating

Does anyone else find the new Handoff experience from iPhone to Homepod frustrating? Before, you had to tap the phone to the top of the Homepod to make the transfer, but the new behavior is that when the phone comes near the Homepod, it blurs the screen and drops down a small notification.

I have a Homepod mini sitting on my desk and every time I pick up my phone to do something, I have to dismiss the notification. And then it comes back over and over. The only solution, I guess, is to move the Homepod off my desk, somewhere else. Which means tapping the top to pause and play is more of a hassle. Who thought this was a good idea? Am I alone in this frustration?

Sorry, rant over.

I can see how this is annoying. I just tested this with the Homepod on my desk. It seems to work when the iPhone is about 1 foot away from the Homepod. Hopefully you can just place your Homepod a little further away but still on your desk. Good luck.

We have 4 of these puppies and frankly we get increasingly frustrated with them.
As I matter of fact I bought a real radio for our kitchen / dining area.

I have the opposite problem.
When I want to take the music from my kitchen to my office, I have to repeatedly tap my phone on the mini.

I hear you, @DomBett. Same sentiment here.

  1. Pick up phone, a good 20 inches from HomePod mini.
  2. Haptic phone feedback. The handoff is coming for my screen! The blurred background begins!
  3. I hastily move the phone away from the HomePod mini so as to negate this, nearly yanking out the charging cable from the iPhone in the process.
  4. Repeat.

This was not a great implementation. I mean, better than before, where I had to hover my iPhone around every inch of the HomePod mini circumference several times to get it to active. But now it is too sensitive. I do dig the card that pops up, though.

Yes, I do like Handoff and it’s easier now, but too easy! I like the pop-up card and all that. But maybe the sensitivity should be somewhere in between what it was in iOS 14.3 and what it is in 14.4.