iOS 14 Camera dropped the "Square" photo format... (Why?)

Did anyone else notice that the square photo format disappeared?

I didn’t use it often and can crop; but I can’t find any articles online regarding why.

I also imagine some of the 3rd party photo apps will have it.

For me, it was useful to crop out things I did not want in the photo (so “crop” will work, but it’s an extra step).

Any thoughts?



P.S. … I looked, but am I missing a setting change and I could add it back if I were better at digging into the settings? … This isn’t a super-important issue; so I’ll understand a lack of engagement :wink:

Open the camera, select “Photo”, then click the little ^ at the top of your screen. The little ^ will turn into a v, and toward the bottom you’ll see six options. One of them says “4:3”. Click that, and “Square” will be an option.

The setting seems to persist across camera activations. :slight_smile:


Thanks Robert (@webwalrus)!


It was operator error!!

THAT was hidden deeper than I might have found.

Thank you again!


I thought it had disappeared on iOS 13, but they just made it harder to get at. I like square photo format and use it a lot.

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That explains why it hit me with this iOS update!

I’ve got an iPhone Xs – I had the old(er) interface until this update (yay?).

Thanks again!