iOS 14 on iPhone 6S

Simple question, regardless of the Apple device compatibility page is iOS 14 usable on an iPhone 6S. Is updating worth it? Otherwise I’ll stick with iOS13.

Obviously some features of the more recent phones with larger screens and updated hardware will be better, and the 6S isn’t compatible with some iOS 14 features. That much I understand. My question is on basic performance and operation.

The last time I found myself in this position was with a 4S where it slowed considerably after the last iOS update.

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I don´t know about the iPhone 6S, but I own an iPhone SE (2016) with similar specs as far as chipset, CPU, GPU and RAM goes.

I definitely noticed the difference when I upgraded from iOS 12 to iOS 13, but the same hasn´t happened with iOS 14. It´s basically iOS 13 plus widgets.


Thanks. I had seen this before but good to have another read through this.

This is work issued phone with the battery replaced in an Apple store in September 2019, currently stating 92% battery health.

adding to this, my primary phone iPhone SE (2016) on 14.3 often manages to reach 24 hour life (and more) at 96% battery health. I use 3 widgets.

I just checked the Battery Settings. Last usage was around 3 hours 40 minutes of usage with Instagram and Firefox on 25% usage. Instagram 24 minutes on screen, Firefox 30 minutes on screen.
Last charged until 100% was 20:08 yesterday, and now 21:26 it still has 28% left.


By the feedback so far it sounds like I have nothing to fear.

Would anyone disagree?

(I’ve also still to update my iPad Pro 2018)

I cracked my iphone 11 pro max screen early in the pandemic and got 6s off gazelle as a temporary device while I mailed my phone to Apple. I also used the 6s as a tester for the ios 14 beta. I was very impressed with how well it ran.

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So it does work but I’m not sure briefly showing the icon of the last open App is to jumps to home screen adds anything to the experience. This is surely a bug that should have been caught with 14.1 or 14.2.

Did you mean there is some bug related to showing the application drawer? I can’t recall the official name, but the screen that shows you minimized app. The one that will be shown if double click home button

No, it’s the icon of the last open app floating over the Home Screen. Like Overcast in the attached screenshot. The icon will appear for less than 1 second then vanishes. Bizarre bug

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Gotcha, that is definitely a weird bug. Maybe it is fixed on 14.1 or 14.2, as I never experienced that (I upgraded when 14.1 released).

Reminds me of what happened to @RosemaryOrchard earlier this year :rofl: