iOS 14 Reminders

I have been messing around in the reminders app in iOS 14 beta and it seems like the tasks auto sort by date within lists and you can’t manually sort them. I, myself, like the auto sort. Has anyone else played around with it?

wait no manual sorting IN LISTS?


apple why you bully me…

I could be wrong, but it moved my tasks back in order by date/time

I’ve not seen this happen, mine still stay in the order I put them in (manual sort)

Hey, since you guys are on the beta…

I have a couple of questions:


  1. How does the new contact assigning feature work? Can you just assign a task to any contact in the Contacts app?
  2. Can you assign multiple contacts to a single task?
  3. Can you manually re-order tasks in the Smart Lists?
  4. Can you nest lists/groups inside each other? Like sub-lists/sub-groups?


  1. Can you filter reminders by whether or not they are flagged? (using the “Find Reminders” action in Shortcuts)
  2. Can you filter reminders by assigned contacts? (also using Shortcuts)


  1. Does the widget show both the event you’re currently in and the next event at all times? (this is a sore point with me for the current Calendar widgets)


  1. Can you merge shortcuts?
  2. Can you run shortcuts from the home screen without launching the Shortcuts app?


  1. Can you link between notes? (without hacky workarounds)

Sorry about all the questions. I’m trying to resist installing betas and knowing the answers to these questions will definitely help with that :upside_down_face:.

You can assign a task to anyone you have shared the list with, so it is a pre-requisite to share the list first. (assign option won’t show up otherwise)
And you can only assign 1 person to a task.

btw: I’ve found this beta to be incredibly stable up till now, so if you have a device that’s not absolutely essntial you could try it out? (can always roll back if it’s not to your liking)

I’m super tempted! but i have:

a) an iPhone (which is pretty essential, cause it’s my only one)
b) an iPad (which is also essential, because it’s my “laptop”)

so it’s not an option (yet. we’ll see if i get hasty by august :slight_smile: )