iOS 14 - Update Now?

As a rule, I have always waited until version X.1 of an updated operating system before I install, just to let other people deal with the inevitable glitches that get fixed in the first update. So, for those that have been using it for a while in beta, is it safe, or should I wait a bit? I can’t wait for the widgets on the home screen of my iPhone!

I’ve been on the iOS and iPadOS betas since the public beta began. I’ve had no data loss, no glitches. It’s a nice change in several respects. 14 seems durable. So don’t wait.


same as ^^^^, iOS and iPadOS beta and now their official releases have been running smoothly, zero issues

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I’ve found iOS 14 beta 8 on my iPhone X to sometimes hang. As of today though, it seems to be fairly stable.

iPadOS 14 on my iPad Pro 1” has been stable.

betas were very stable on my 6s. go for it!

I’ve downloaded the update and am still waiting 3 hours later for it to finish installing…hoping if I leave it overnight it’ll be ok

iOS 14 is stable.

I was on the beta since July and for the last month or so it felt like being on a stable version.

If you are eager to update I don’t see any reason not to do so. :blush:

Then again if you want to be safe, it is never a mistake to wait for the 14.1 release.

Loving it so far on iPad + iPhone :+1:

it’s been fairly stable for the entire beta series. I’ve used it now since public beta 1 and no real issues apart from some interface choices that I personally find less appealing.

So I’d say, why not? :slight_smile:

I’m always updating iOS on day one (risky, I know), to satiate my thirst for shiny features (on the other hand, my Macs are still on Mojave…)
The biggest disappointment here is that many apps have not been updated for the new features… but no issues to report.

One thing I noticed is that weather widget is missing on iPhone. iPad is ok. Looks like a common problem when googled.

I can add the weather widget just fine, it is at the bottom of the “add widget” list?

No weather on iPhone. Searched everywhere but no weather. iPad is ok though.

Weather widget shows up here for me. It’s at the bottom of the list, as mentioned earlier.

Just a pro tip for you all. You can add TWO Siri App Suggestions widgets and it will show you two sets of frequently used apps. So, you can have 16 icons on a front page base on Siri’s idea of your usage.


I’m sure it’s stable, but I’m going to wait until there’s the wave of app updates. Looking forward to the widgets and reimagining the overall app layout. I was once bit some update bug that bricked cellular functions if you did an OTA update within the first 15 minutes. Obviously we’re past that point, but still, I can wait.

App updates (including new widgets for older apps) are showing up pretty quickly since iOS 14 was launched.

Two instances of the same issue I noticed yesterday. After installing iOS 14 on my phone and WatchOS 7 on my watch, there were for some reason not fully functional until I manually shut down and rebooted each device.

(WatchOS 7 updates are just as annoying slow as with all previous OS updates.)

I choose to focus my allocation of experimental time on new and upcoming apps and wait for others to ring out new IOS and MacOS operating systems. This also gives times to my large cache of apps to get rung out and upgraded. I will wait until Spring of 2021 to upgrade.

I still have my Mac Mini running Mojave so I am able to run 32-Bit apps like my favorite outliner Trees

‪Do Notes and Reminders sync Ok between iOS 14 and macOS Catalina?‬
‪I remember they broke some things in last year’s iOS 13 update if you were still on macOS Mojave.‬

They work ok as far as I’ve seen

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