iOS 15/13 Pro Max issue

So I finally received my 13 Pro Max a couple of weeks ago but things haven’t been quite as smooth for me with this transition as in years past.

I initially had some problems getting the eSIM to activate properly - finally resolved that issue after hours pn the phone with a number of different Verizon techs!

Since then however, there are just a few small things that I continue to experience that are irritating me like the proverbial “fingernails on a chalkboard”! Are any of you experiencing these things?

First. whenever I go to the App Store, touch my avatar icon in the upper right and drag up to see what apps I need to update…two things seem to occur consistently. The display skips or stutters as the window slides back down with the apps to be updated and the digital counter that shows how many apps remain to be updated is erratic - sometimes not moving at all while at other times keeping am inaccurate count of the apps.

The other issue occurs when I want to close an app. When I swipe up from the bottom of the display, as I have always done on my iPhone 11 pr 12 Pro Max, the display either minimizes the application but leaves it running in the background or it changes the display to a half height window.

In order to get the task switcher view on the display so I can swipe up on my application and close it, I have to VERY CAREFULLY and deliberately just barely swipe up from the bottom and the hold the display at that position for a second or two until the task switcher is displayed!

This almost seems like some kind of sensitivity issue but I can’t figure out where it can be adjusted.

The App Store issue occurs every time in both iOS 15.0.2 and iPadOS 15.0.2. I have also experienced it in both version 15 and 15.01. I keep hoping a bug patch will fix it…but so far, it os still occurring! Is this happening to you?