iOS 15.4 beta and HomeKit Issue?

Anyone else out there running the iOS 15.4 beta having issues with HomeKit? The specific problem I am having is that once I leave home the stated of everything in the Home App is “not responding.” In sorting through the settings it appears that the Home App is simply not accessing my home network via any of my home hubs. I tested the Home App on my wife’s iPhone this morning while we were out and it worked fine. This strongly implies to me that it is related to the beta (this is the cost of running the beta). Just curious if anyone else has had this issue. I will submit feedback to Apple.

I was having similar issues and the only devices ‘Not Responding’ were my Hue lights and a Logitech Doorbell. Lights from other manufactures and other Logitech cameras worked fine.

All, except the doorbell, worked fine from other (non-beta) devices of family members.

Ended up restarting my Eero system and the issue resolved itself. It’s only been a couple days so may run into this again.

Goodness gracious! I did restart my Eero system yesterday, but did it again just now and the problem resolved. Go figure.

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For me since going on the beta everything comes up not responding for a few second and eventually it all kicks in. It’s noticeably slower than on the 15.3 betas however. I have an Eero and haven’t restarted that yet. Basically, waiting for the cross section of “it’s annoying me too much” AND “it’s a good time to restart the network and have it be down for a few minutes.”

Restarting the network has, to this point, resolved the issue. Homebridge took a little be of time to sort itself out but as of now everything seems to be working again.

I’ve recently turned off all analytics being sent out from all Apple TV’s and Homepods based on a recommendation I saw on Reddit. HomeKit is demonstrably better after this.

Guess I need to prioritize that then. My wife works from home. I’ll find out when she’s going to run some errands or something and do it then. Thanks.

Well, I continue to have issues running the iOS beta 15.4. While away from home and on cellular all my homekit accessories continue to register as “not responding.” After taking my wife to dinner tonight I had to use her phone to turn on lights at home. Ugh!

Ran some more tests from my office this morning and am even more flummoxed. All Homekit accessories are listed as “not responding” (except my HomePod Minis which are listed as “stopped”) on both my iPhone 13 Pro Max and my new 16" MacBook Pro M1 Pro, but are working fine on my old 12.9" iPad Pro. As I mentioned earlier everything is also running fine on my wife’s iPhone 12 Pro. Everything except my wife’s phone is running the latest public beta release so guessing that is not the problem. All is well for all devices when I am on my home network. Checked via the Eero app and found that all accessories are connected to my home network. When I get home I will again restart my Apple TV and HomePod Minis but since everything works on two different devices away from home I am guessing the hubs are not the issue either.