iOS 15.6.1 won't connect to TKIP-based WiFi

MacOS connects fine - iOS says it’s weak and I can’t get online at all. I understand a warning like ‘weak security’ but I really don’t like iOS just flat-out blocking my internet connectivity!

Is there some workaround I’ve missed?

Yeah, TKIP was the band aid/duct tape temporary “fix” for the really terrible (and ironically named) WEP flaw that rendered WiFi encryption more or less useless.

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public WiFi at a coffee shop in Mexico. I don’t actually care about vulnerabilities - I’m not going to log on to my bank from there. Just want to surf a bit! I want the option to do so, at least.

Also, if it’s so dangerous, why does MacOS let me connect and doesn’t give one single indication that I am on an ‘unsecure’ connection?