iOS 15 Extensions Locked in the Off Position

As you can see by this screenshot I’m experiencing this problem on my iPhone X. I can activate them on my iPad but not my iPhone for some reason. Any suggestions?

I had a problem with some features locked out due to an iCloud problem. A reboot fixed it.

I’ve tried that multiple times. My best guess is that it has something to do with iCloud (mostly because I assume that all problems in iCloud can be reduced to iCloud sync problems). The question is, however, what do I need to do to kick it over? That’s always more difficult to find out and I’d rather sit and talk to Customer Service than sign out of iCloud if I can avoid it.

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I just got off with Apple Support about this issue and apparently I win the prize today. This is a problem that Apple has no current solution to as of yet. We just spent a lot of time documenting the problem. Alas, no extension joy for me today.

Do you happen to use Screen Time?

If so, try heading to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content and make sure it’s set to “Unrestricted Access”.

Thank you. Yes, I turned off all of those restrictions (save the Adult Content one) I also removed AdGuard.

Update and solution

Okay, well the simple story is that if any content restriction settings are on then it locks out the extensions. So while I only had the “Limit Adult Content” restriction activated it still caused the problem.

The solution is simple, just turn off the main toggle for content restrictions, activate the extensions. After that you are free to turn content restrictions back on and the extensions will continue to work.