iOS 15 fine-tunes notifications

Some welcome upgrades here. Not a big deal for me because I intentionally keep nearly all my notifications turned off. But every little bit of customization is nice, particularly if Siri can do it intelligently and automatically.

For example, I’d love to be able to get work notifications, but only from individual colleagues, and only during work hours.

iOS 15 also includes a new category of “time sensitive,” priority notifications, which developers can control.

In theory, this is a bad idea, because you KNOW developers are going to abuse the heck out of this.

But I consider this a great feature — because the first “time sensitive” notification an app sends me without my permission will be a signal for me to immediately delete that app from my phone.


The only time-sensitive notifications I really ever get are phone calls from a handful of people, and I already have them setup to bypass DND.

My Wife, Son, and Mom all know that if they need to reach me urgently, the right way to do it is by phone.

However, I like the idea in theory because I assume the any developer who abuses this is going to catch hell from their users, and that seems like a “mistake” that they only get to make once. Twice is a pattern.


Nope, no developer will catch hell from me. I will just quietly delete their app and say nothing to anyone.

They can die in silent despair. I’m bloodthirsty that way.


I expect it’ll take a bit of negotiation between developers and their customer/user communities to figure out what actually should be labeled time-sensitive. For example, in the beta, (I think) the stock calendar app sends travel time notices before meetings as time-sensitive, but not everyone will agree those should be labeled as such. Those notifications are explicitly labeled as time-sensitive so any junk sent through that way will stick out in a bad way.

But yes, wouldn’t be surprised to get at least one expiring coupon sent with some urgency…

I think a good 30% of developers will be sending expiring coupons and whatnot. You are perhaps more optimistic than I.