iOS 16 Lock Screen photo shuffle missing people

I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem.

The customizable Lock Screen is lovely, and the featured photos option makes good selections.

When I try to choose people to include in the shuffle, iOS 16 shows me many fewer people than I have set up in Photos. Annoyingly, it shows me some friends while missing important family members.

Has anyone been able to train the system to show a broader selection of people?

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Just got to try this in the last few days. I only see five people total. Only two of them are favorites. I’m guessing maybe it has to update via photos which is notorious for taking forever when you have a lot of photos. Maybe that’s it?

@acavender Did you ever get all your peeps?

Nope. Still getting the same four. :frowning:

Well that’s not ideal :frowning:

I’m a little confused about this. I thought I could automatically change the wall paper also, is that possible? Or is it only the Lock Screen? I want my photos to rotate on the wall paper and Lock Screen.

Same issue for me. I have 4 people only, and can’t add, missing some of my favorites. Can’t add pics of my wife :cry:

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BIG NEWS! I am up to eight people.

I was checking daily then forgot about it, so I am not sure when I got this massive boon to my list of peeps.

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I only want to show one person (my grandson who is just so darn cute!) but the phone only finds 4 pictures out of the 120 I have. Wish there was a way to teach it