iOS 16 Mail reminders

Is there not a way to archive the messages I’m wanting reminder see about in the new ios16 mail feature? I would like to be reminded about it, but I would also like to clear it out of my inbox until it is time to be reminded about it.

I posted about this a while back while running the iOS 16 beta. Might help

Unfortunately, no. It’s crazy. They have to stay in your inbox.

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If that is the sad case a reminder feature loses its value. I could simply flag it in the inbox. :pensive:

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It’s like taking your car in to have AWD installed, then finding out they put racing slicks on it. Kind of defeats the purpose.

You can archive the message manually, but there isn’t an automatic option

unfortunately I’ve not found a way, which makes it the least useful feature of the year for me.

Yes, but it looks really cool. :rofl:

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So if I snooze an email and then archive it, it will still remind me at the date and time I designated? Even if it’s not in the Inbox? That’s not SO bad if that’s the case.

But if archiving it removes the reminder then I would like to nominate Apple’s version of “snooze” as the “most useless feature of the 2020’s”.

That’s not what I meant (sorry if I wasn’t clear). I was referring to the method of sending a mail to the Reminders app (highlight the subject and then Share it - works on IOS and MacOS). Doing that creates a Reminder with a link back to the mail. You can then archive the mail and the link will still work

I can’t get Remind Me reminders to work at all - whether that’s the implementation or me, I don’t know