iOS 17 Standby Feature

I installed iOS 17 eagerly wanting to use the Standby feature. I set it up and put it on my MagSafe charger for the night, but even with “Always On Display” set, it goes black after a few seconds. I was hoping to be able to use it as a bedside clock and reminder, but not if the screen goes dark and I can’t see the display. Am I missing a setting? I have the Sleep Focus mode on, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

I think it goes black, and comes on when it detects motion.

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That’s correct. I love it

Does the standby mode work on the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Unfortunately not helpful if I wake up and want to see the clock, etc. Also, motion seems to mean almost waving your hand in front of the screen to get it to come on.

While lying on my back with phone on the nightstand I can see peripherally that the screen is dark, then turning my head towards the phone it lights up. Love the feature. I assume orientation/distance matters.

It looks like, in my fiddling, that I screwed up some of the settings. Both Always On for Standby and Motion to Wake were turned off. Now it displays in red and stays on. Looks like this one was User Error, folks! Thanks for your input!

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Where do you find “Motion to Wake?

Settings => Standby => Night Mode

I was also disappointed by this. I think you need the iPhone 14 or 15 to get the wake-up feature. It won’t work on the 13 - or at least my 13! It would have been great to have had an always-on option for older iPhones.

I wouldn’t want it in my bedroom if it was permanently lit up. But motion detection might be a good compromise.

I use a sleep mask, so . . .

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As Nick also stated, this is not an option on iPhones 13 and below. I think you need an ‘always on display’ model to get these options. Unfortunate, as Standby would be an attractive feature

So do I. And that only gets me so far.

It seems to be working on my iPhone 13, but its not consistent.