iOS 18 - Anything for Homepod?

From what I understand, Apple Intelligence requires a CPU, which is beyond what Homepod can offer. So that does that mean that all Homepdos are stuck with “dumb Siri”?

The only iPhones that get any Apple Intelligence features are the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with the A17 Pro. Anything with an older A-series processor is out of luck (including older iPhones, Apple TVs, HomePods, and older iPads). Anything with an M-series is good.

Apple Watches also get no benefit (unless they can offload the work to an iPhone - but that wasn’t indicated).

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There were enough “will be”, “later”, and “next year”? comments to make me think I won’t be missing out on much if I wait for the iPhone 17.


Can’t Homepods access remote chatGPT features without doing stuff locally?

I agree, was thoroughly disappointed. I use my Homepods so many times.