iOS app for off-line movies

Any recommendation for an iPad app for playing movies OFFLINE that are ripped from DVDs that I own. I’m going to be on a long flight in a couple weeks. I’ve downloaded a couple movies from iTunes, a few movies from Netflix, but I would also like to download some movies from DVDs.

I use Plex for this, it also allows streaming to devices as well as downloads. However, you need a premium pass to be able to download (I paid up and got a lifetime subscription I like it that much)

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I use Infuse, it’s similar to Plex but does the transcoding on device.


I like VLC. It has decent file format support and has some nifty options for how to load the files onto your iPad.

OPlayer by olimsoft is another good one with similar features.


Another vote for Plex (and the lifetime pass). Between on devices syncing and the ability to stream live tv from my setup it does everything I can ask of it.

I use Plex mainly. But sometimes it has trouble transcoding certain files and in those cases I use Infuse. Both are free.

I have basic Plex, but I think for this trip I’m going to use VLC, thanks gtremblay, and copy the files via Lightning cable from my Mac to my iPad.

I use Plex as my primary media server even for AppleTV. While you can stream for free within your local network, as noted above you need to have a Plex Pass for streaming outside your local network without the use of something like a VPN back to your home network.

VLC has a very simple method for moving video content from your computer to a mobile device via a browser on your computer. That’s probably the simplest way to get some media on your device.

Also note, if you literally are talking DVDs you will most likely need to re-encode in a format which is better suited for your mobile device. For that I would recommend Handbrake, it’s very easy to use, has presets for most Apple devices. If your comfortable with the command line ffmpeg is something you also could use. Although, for ffmpeg you will probably need to spend some time online investigating settings and the like.

You can download VLC and then simply transfer the movies in your device via WiFi. Works great!

I am testing Infuse Pro and I like it. But before I buy the lifetime Pro I want to ask you why you use Infuse instead of Plex or VLC? Does it make such a big difference that it does the transcoding on devivce? Do you use the free version or the Pro?

I have the pro version, and I use it because I found it and I like it, and there’s very little setup required. We don’t have Plex set up at home (though it’s a consideration), and our media PC isn’t set up to do transcoding on the device. The app works well on iOS and tvOS - and I can easily use my browser to throw files on a device for travelling :slight_smile:

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Super. Thanx. You conform what I was planning to do.