iOS app for store loyalty cards?

Look8ng for suggestions on apps to sleep store loyalty cards so I can stop carrying around a stack of physical cards.

Any good options out there?

I’ve just started using Key Ring. It scans the cards and then you hold your screen up to the scanner. I do recall reading that not all store loyalty card scanners will read the phone screen for cards, but you will also have the card image in the app so the clerk can type in the information.

How about Apple Wallet?

I have Key Ring and Stocard, and I duplicated all my cards in each app to evaluate them… then never made a decision in nearly two years! They’re both decent. Just be aware that in addition to the stores knowing what you bought, the companies which provide this ‘free’ app (with coupons and other goodies included in them) are also harvesting and selling some form of your data - individually or aggregated.

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I use Stocard. It has a widget, so access is fast. I told the app that it can’t interrupt me (notifications off), or stalk me (location only while in use).

I’d rather just have a shortcut to a photo of the card on my home screen, but dont know if that’s possible.


I use Stocard specifically because of the quickness of the widget, and previously I was keeping a picture of each of the cards in Evernote and was able to use them in that fashion. Alas, EN changed their app and quick access was lost to history, hence switching to Stocard.

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+1 for stocard

I’ve been using it for years now and it is very easy with a great widget and apple watch app

Started using Stocard based on other recommendations and it’s been good. At first some cashiers were confused by it but it’s fairly common now.

I’ve been using StoCard as well for a long time. It includes a Watch version, so you can access your cards on the Watch. However, my main beef with it right now (and I’ve told the developer this) is that the “Frequently Used Cards” on the Watch do not match the Frequently Used cards on the phone. Very annoying when you want to get to a card quickly. My grouping of Frequently Used cards on my Watch include cards I have not accessed in months, but my Stop and Shop or Starbucks cards that I use every week are nowhere to be found in that stack. :tired_face:

You can get the note URL and fire that from launch centre pro.

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Dang, that’s a great idea. I have that app and have mostly a bunch of communication stuff set up on it, but I’m definitely going to check that out.

I downloaded Keyring years ago, but never used it.

I use Stocard now and use it frequently.