iOS app recommendation for Wifi Speed and Network Analysis

Anyone have an app that they recommend to gather Wifi speed at home and network analysis?

I am only aware of SpeedTest and Fing. Wondering if anyone has had better luck.

speedtest by ookla works well for me.

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If it’s for home/local network analysis, iperf is pretty much one of the best tools out there for measuring network capacity/throughput/bandwidth/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. A quick search indicates that it’s available as a part of this tool: (I can’t get the app store link to post here, so go there and search for HE.NET (it’s by Hurricane Electric).

If you choose to go this route, you’ll need to install it on two devices, one of which must be able to run it as a server (not sure if the iOS version can do that).

I use speedtest by Ookla for bandwidth testing

and Fing

for device and running services checks

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If you’re simply looking to measure speed, take a look at the website .

I do not have a recommendation for network analysis.

I use NPERF because it shows Jitter (not just latency) which is important in evaluating line quality for videoconferencing. Available for iOS, Android, and browsers.

It also shows in real time the speeds so you can see burst speeds and then significant drop-offs. If you are testing cellular data, make sure you select “SpeedTest” in the Setting Menu (hamburger icon). A Full Test will test streaming rates for various video services. is a good alternative (browser only, but I run it in Safari) because it shows the average sustained throughput. It also shows real-time speeds over the test period. The dips in download speeds are adjusting sample size to try and saturate the line for 8 continuous seconds.