iOS apps not automatically updating



This issue has been bugging me for ages. Even though I have auto-updates turned on in the settings, apps do not automatically update. Has anyone found a fix?


Happens to my wife all the time. Wish I had some help for you! Looking for advice too


This has been going on for years. It’s deliberate. (For some reason.)


In my experience they update at night when charging. I know this because mine will show “updated today” or similar message, for apps that appeared needing updates yesterday.

Frustrating for me is having to individually update each app if I want to do it manually. Using the Update All button makes me have to enter my passcode, which is not worth it.


That’s weird - I’ve never ever had to do that.

But typically I’ll go to Updates, pull to refresh (which I shouldn’t have to do) and suddenly 3-15 apps appear that need updating.


Auto currently works on my iPad Had to push buttons on my phone.