iOS apps not automatically updating

This issue has been bugging me for ages. Even though I have auto-updates turned on in the settings, apps do not automatically update. Has anyone found a fix?

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Happens to my wife all the time. Wish I had some help for you! Looking for advice too

This has been going on for years. It’s deliberate. (For some reason.)

In my experience they update at night when charging. I know this because mine will show “updated today” or similar message, for apps that appeared needing updates yesterday.

Frustrating for me is having to individually update each app if I want to do it manually. Using the Update All button makes me have to enter my passcode, which is not worth it.

That’s weird - I’ve never ever had to do that.

But typically I’ll go to Updates, pull to refresh (which I shouldn’t have to do) and suddenly 3-15 apps appear that need updating.


Auto currently works on my iPad Had to push buttons on my phone.

I’m having this issue too, some apps auto update, some apps need to be done manually, seemingly at random.

e.g. Netflix hasn’t installed a 3 day old update, but the Gmail app updated automatically overnight.

Are people still having this issue? I’m on the latest iOS and only some apps auto update, and the software update doesn’t automatically update either.

My wife has software update turned on and didn’t know ios13.2 has release (manual check showed it was there) and that shipped nearly two weeks ago.

Yep, I’m still having this issue. I’ve pretty much given up trying to find a solution to be honest.

Phew, I thought I was going insane. I have experienced the same thing. Some apps auto update and others are days old and haven’t been updated. Now I realise I’m not alone with this problem.
And… sorry, I don’t have a fix either.

Yeah, this is same procedure I use daily. I find there are a surprising number of updates, with an equally surprising lack of any noticeable changes to the apps :slight_smile: Of course, stability and bug fixes are always good…