iOS Auto Lock quick on/off

Does anyone know a way to quickly disable and reenable auto lock on iPhone? I have certain contexts in which I don’t want my screen to auto lock but the app I’m using doesn’t prevent it.

I looked into Focus Mode settings and Shortcuts but I couldn’t find anything.

Guided Access. Meant for handing your phone to your kid so s/he doesn’t mess anything up. But it’s also useful for keeping that shopping list open at the store when you’re wearing a mask, keeping a recipe on the screen while your hands are messy, etc.

The screen will eventually go off, and you may get the Lock Screen. But if you fiddle with the phone (power button, I think; also try to get to the Home Screen), it will go back to the app you’re locked into.

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You can use shortcut to take you to the option in settings as described here, though you’ll have to press the toggle yourself. Here’s where I find the other ones.

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This is it! Perfect solution.


Cool feature, didn’t know that existed.