iOS backups to iCloud - out of space ....?

I have an iPhone, iPad, and a Mac. I’ve just gotten into using DEVONthink on my Mac, so I figured “hey, I have the space, why not sync it to my phone & iPad?”

So there’s 50-ish gigabytes of misc. files that are synced. No ongoing practical cost, really since I have a ton of storage on all three of my devices.

But now I’m getting a “not enough space in iCloud” error when my phone tries to back up. I can definitely upgrade to the 2TB iCloud tier if I have to, but I’m wondering if anybody knows:

(a) Whether an iOS backup would include all of that DEVONthink data, or whether there’s a different thing I should be looking for
(b) Whether it’s possible to tell iOS to not back up the DEVONthink data, given that it’s already on my Mac and is being synchronized via iCloud already.

The bandwidth for the periodic backup is the concern more than the space. :slight_smile:

Anybody have any knowledge about how this all works?

Have you asked the DT developer?

I’m not a DEVONthink user so can’t answer anything specific to that however on iOS (at least on v12) you can choose which apps back up and also see how much space each application is taking in the back up. To do this follow: Settings > [your name] Apple ID… > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups > [select device] >

On my device you then end up at a screen which shows some summery info like last backup, size of back up & size of next backup. Under that there’s a list of apps with switches to turn backup app on / off for that app and it also shows the backup size for that application.

Now… there could be a catch… my friend has had an iPhone much longer than I have, so we presume this is a ‘age’ related thing… On their phone, when they went through the above steps they got to a point where it just displayed the total back up size; didn’t list any apps; didn’t show sizes of individual app backups and didn’t offer any switches to turn backups on/off for each app.

As far as I’m aware [1] she just deleted her back up and then let it back up again and this time it came up showing size of backed up data per app and offering the switches to turn backups on & off on an app-by-app basis.

I believe that some apps can elect not to be part of the backup, particularly if they’re already sync’ing in some way. For example on that page I get a message that “Photo library I slacked up separately as part of iCloud Photos.”.

Hopefully that screen will help you determine if any of the data is being backed up for DEVONthink.

[1] proceed at your own risk! :wink:

Ooooooooh…that’s good stuff right there.

I could shut off my backups for several of my large “storage hog” apps that (basically) just contain copies of cloud synced data anyway.


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