iOS calendar and third party calendar

If you use a third party calendar app. Is it possible if you change the name of the calendar on the iOS calendar and add some emojis that it will automatically sync with the third party app? I changed the name to all caps and added some emojis and it didn’t change. It’s not a big deal, I just want it to change. All my events still sync fine.

I cannot offer any advice on using emoji in a name, but I have see capitalization changes that did not work.

Try changing the name of the calendar. If changing “example” to “EXAMPLE” failed, try changing EXAMPLE to EXAMPLE2 or something. If that syncs then edit EXAMPLE2 back to EXAMPLE.

I’ve see this work on occasion with file/folder name changes.

Thanks. I found that the 3rd party app that I use WeekCal, doesn’t update it really. I tried it on fantastical and others and it updates right away.