iOS calendar sharing

I have two calendars that I share with my wife for both of my different jobs, only I can edit it and change things she can only view it. It’s working out great.

We have a young daughter and I thought it would be great to make a calendar for my daughter where my wife and I could both edit and add things to the calendar for my daughters school and doctors appointments. Instead of inviting each other for appointments. So this is the problem when my wife adds stuff to the calendar somehow it sends an invite from my phone to her, or if I add something it also sends an invite from me to her. It’s supposed to just add it on the calendar and I get a notification if something is added or changed. The problem is only with my Daughters calendar the other two calendars are working normal and have been like that for years.

I can’t figure it out and it’s ticking me off. Can anyone help?

My inclination is to delete your daughters calendar and create a new one and see if that fixes the problem.

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Is it a shared calendar, or are you subscribed to the calendar?

We have a shared family calendar that works well. Might I suggest that through iCloud or Google

Shared calendar through iCloud

We do exactly as your wanting.

Create your daughter’s calendar on your device (as if it is a calendar for you). Name it appropriately.

Then - share the calendar.

You can give your daughter View access, and your wife Edit access. We’ve done this for our daughters and it’s worked great. We’ve also gone into their calendars (on their iPhones) and made our shared calendar the default.

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone. Tomorrow I’m going to delete it and redo the calendar. I also noticed that some of the prior events on my daughters calendar are fine, it’s the new events that are saying invited by me. It’s bizarre.

Update us and hope it works. It’ll make life much easier for sure.