iOS Clipboard Manager Recommendation

Looking for iOS clipboard manager recommendations.

Copied and Yoink both work well.

I don’t often have the need for one, but I use Alfred for other purposes (as an app launcher, searcher, and script runner) and it has one built in.

I’m using Copy ‘Em on iOS, because the Mac version is so stellar.

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I use the one within Alfred as well but that’s for MacOS. I’m looking for an iOS utility.

I use Copy ‘Em. Works well.

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I tried a lot of those clipboard managers, most of them are are nice.
Then I realized that «Keyboard Maestro» does that too, no need for an additional app. If you have Keyboard Maestro of course.

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The iOS app is the basically the same compared to all clipboard managers for iOS.
But, the macOS app is a pleasant to use. There is “categories” that allow you to group saved clipboard.
The UX to show and choose clipboard history is also the best I’ve tried yet

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