iOS Dashboard or Presentation App showing current time & date?

Hello everyone,

Has anyone a recommendation for a very simple iOS dashboard app?
Dashboard as in showing more or less static data.

Here is my usecase:
I am managing a small R&D lab. I started taking photos and videos of the product that comes out of my reactor. Now I would like to have a small display in the corner of the footage, showing the current date and time, the trial number, and some recipe information.

I tried to just use the Numbers or Keynote app but there seems to be no way to keep the current time up to date (showing seconds progressing would be really nice).

Everything else I found online seems to be overkill (Numerics for example).
I just want some manually entered text in large letters together with the current time on display.

Oh, by the way, that also makes me a next generation iPod touch customer. A great little display that runs iOS without additional recurring costs.

Thanks a lot!