iOS File Manager

I‘m playing for some time with file Managment apps in IOS especially to manage files on my Synology drive. I‘m currentliy using FE File Explorer Pro (i like most) and Filebrowser Pro on the ipad to search, select move and organize my files. For simple operations I use apple file management apps. I wonder if there are good alternatives to the above mentioned apps.I still have to use bots File explorer (Search, Copy from shresheet to different locations and FileBrowser esp. for review, selevction and moving of media files. What do you use to manage files in iOS?

I picked up Filebrowser Pro, as well, and that’s been working well for me. I think this is a HUGE area that Apple needs to get after in future updates. I find it easier to get daily tasks accomplished in FB Pro vs the Files app. I don’t think they need to throw everything out but some added functionality (tabbed windows, easier copying/moving, etc.) would be welcome.

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